Today Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio aims for the rising popularity of massage therapy guns and how they may cause injuries. If you're stonewalled by the fact that more and more you're lowering your distance or the duration of your runs due to pain, then this Free Webinar, Presented By Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, is the perfect solution to your problem!

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Jessica's counter-narrative about Theragun shoots down the marketing claims and offers up some tools and advice that will aid your recovery without the risk of injury.


0:56 – A power tool dressed up as therapy

06:45 ­– Don't jump the gun; start foam rolling

14:21 – A crash course on fascia

  • The current day massage guns result from DIY massage therapy hacks coming out of gyms, not scientific studies.
  • The danger of massage guns is you don't feel how deep you are going, and you may bruise a muscle, which takes months to recover from.
  • Foam roll! Foam roll! Foam roll! Foam roll your entire body while avoiding your joints. For particularly tight spots, you can add in lacrosse or golf balls.

Oh, before I forget, if you're wondering "How do I get past chronic reoccurring injuries", then this Free Webinar, Presented By Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, has the solution! This presentation covers an under-the-radar perspective on what the TOPΒ  Elite runners do to avoid or rapidly fix common run injuries. Learn more here

Keep running and keep foam rolling!

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