In today's episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio aims at a rampant misconception in the running world.

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Despite what you may have heard on your group run, running more miles isn't going to make you a Boston qualifier.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but #RunPainFree ain't a religion; it's a science – and there is so much more to consider. 

I run all the time but "tank" on race day. 

When you're running seven days a week, you are running yourself out.

If you just had an epiphany of how your injury came on straight after you did your highest mileage week – boom! There you go, there's your proof! You need to build an objective baseline and foundation before you start chasing lofting race goals. 

Take away lesson

Simply logging miles will only get you so far before an injury flare-up. Reassess how you're working out. Are you doing functional training? Are you training for your sport? Or are you just using your sport as the workout? 

  • Hit up our back catalog of podcasts and apply the lessons on conditioning for running 
  • Ditch your stability sneakers
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Bottom line: If running is what you love to do, respect the sport and start doing the conditioning workouts!


1:35 The difference between a workout and the sport

6:16 What to look for in a qualified trainer

12:05 Why just clocking miles is the highway to injury

26:53 Why you tank on race day. 

30:05 Takeaway lesson

  1. Using running as your workout increases your chance of injury as you haven't built your foundation for functional movement
  2. Start adding athletic conditioning into your training regime 
  3. Introduce mobility exercises, mainly focusing on your hips if you are an office worker

#RunPainFree Webinar Training

Keep running and keep conditioning!

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