Today's show is about How To Overcome Your Fear Of Getting Injured, and if you want to know more about recovering from an injury, this Free Webinar, Presented By Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, is exactly what you're looking for!

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In this episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio gives you a how-to guide on trusting your body again after getting injured. She serves it up the only way she knows how, with tough love. Enjoy!

Take away lesson

Start shredding all those external band-aid fixes and start working on you. Β If you are running in fear of being injured again, then lean on the word trust. Trust your body. Don't feed it junk; feed it knowledge, and it will respond to its nourishment like a flower in full bloom. Β 

Ok, we ain't that cheesy at #RunPainFree. Also, get your butt foam rolling, get conditioning, and learn how your body works. Otherwise, you are going to be in the weeds for a while.Β 


06:55 – Β  Pain is feedback

11:30 – Β Losing trust in your body

16:17­ – Foam roll and listen to your body

27:36 – Take away lesson

  1. Do the reading and learn what is going on with your body. Get a professional if you can't figure it out.
  2. Start adding conditioning and injury correction work into your training regime.
  3. Stop, drop and foam roll!

Resources & Programs To Run Injury-Free:Β RunPainFreeNow.Com/Free-Training

Keep running and keep learning!

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