In this episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio tells you how to recover from an injury and progress you're running simultaneously. It's something most people think isn't possible, but it is at the heart of # RunPainFree's method. Listen up and learn why progressing your running is the only way out of injury.

Is the pain even an injury?

Dealing with muscle pain is the last thing you should ever experience. The serious injury is in your joint. Addressing joint dysfunction is the cornerstone of runner injuries and is your path to progress.Β 

Takeaway lesson

Β The most common running pains people experience are a symptom of a deeper-rooted injury. Consider them as a red flag for an injury elsewhere in the body. Make sure you log how you feel after each run. Each niggle, tweak, and nagging muscle is your body telling you that something is off. Your running log will be your lifeline out of injury. It helps you identify the damage and informs the conditioning work you need to progress out of harm.Β Β 

Identifying injuries and the corrective path forward is a complex task. If you are struggling to figure out what is going on with your body – reach out to us. That's our expertise, that's what we are here for, and that's why our clients love us.Β 


1:33 Is the pain even an injury?

3:46 Why you need to keep running through injury

9:38 Start foam rolling today

21:17 Why building your foundation is the path to progress

  • If you want to run injury-free, start foam rolling now!
  • Keep a log of how you felt after each run – this is essential for identifying the root of your injury
  • It would be best if you kept running through injury as the run is what gives you feedback on your progress

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