In today's episode, Coach Marie Rose Leggio interviews Martinus Evans.

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He offers up wisdom and inspiration that counters the elitist narrative.

Martinus may not be breaking two hours in the marathon, but he is breaking stereotypes.

That's why we got him on the show, that's why we love him, and that's why we know you will too!ย ย 

#RunPainFree:ย Is the lack of diversity in running motivation for you?ย 

Martinus Evans: I've had people call me the N-word. I've had people drive by in cars and throw things at me. I've been followed. police have even stopped me running at 5 am to wear a flashlight and carry three liters of water in my backpack. As much as it is about motivating people to run, I'm about bringing awareness to the injustice that is out there.ย ย 


2:40โ€“ Why do you run?

4:10 Buying running shoes instead of following the doctor's advice

9:22 Everyone is a runner, no matter their pace

12:56 - Choosing to win

18:25 - Starting the Slow AF community

23:22 An open letter from the back of the pack

28:52 Diversity in running


ยท ย  ย  Running is for everybody. Mid-packers, shut your trap!ย 

ยท ย  ย  Starting running isn't easy, but it's the struggle that creates progress

ยท ย  ย  If you are at the back of the pack, be prepared for water stations being taken away early and run with a water pack if necessary

ยท Don't use running as a punishment for weight loss. Enjoy the benefits of being activeย 


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