In today's episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio speaks with olympian Loretta Claiborne.

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She's a marathoner, a 4th-degree black belt in karate, and continues to compete in multi-sports at the Special Olympics.

She is also a fearless advocate for women and people with disabilities.

Loretta is a force to be reckoned with.

This episode shows what grit and determination look like in the face of adversity!


1:21 ­– Introduction and biography

3:33 – Getting into running in the 1960s

5:48 – Training for the Special Olympics

11:24 ­­– Advice for others with physical and intellectual challenges

16:30 ­­– Becoming an advocate for the Special Olympics

22:32 ­­– How to be fearless during COVID


·     Loretta Claiborne has made changes in her school, in her community, and her life by stepping up and asking questions and pointing out injustices

·     Success in life is how you define it

· Loretta's work with the Special Olympics has had a profound effect on female athletes' representation, not only in the US but in regions where women are significantly marginalized. 


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Keep running, and keep learning!

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio


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