Welcome once again to the #RunPainFree podcast. Today, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio gives you the low down on your IT Band. If you thought it was just at the side of your quads and you could stretch it out, listen up, rascal – you've got a lot to learn! 


01:12 Here's where your IT Band is…

03:32 Do you even foam roll? 

10:14 The Importance of runner's torque

12:41 Your IT band is crucial for your power as a runner

14:17 The connection between your IT Band and your hips

20:00 Knee pain and your IT band

24:47 Take away lesson


·     Your IT band's job is to protect you from moving dysfunctionally. If your IT band is jacked, you are will likely encounter many more injuries

·     Your IT band starts at the back of your knee and ends on the opposite shoulder; it is not just on your outer quads!

·     You can't stretch your IT band; you need to foam roll it!


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Keep running and keep learning!

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