In this episode, coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio offers up a complete checklist to keep you running injury-free. So get out your pen, paper, phone, computer and take notes!

Take away lesson:ย 

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1:30 โ€“ Never miss foam rolling and sport-specific prep work

3:20 โ€“ Only do sport-specific training

4:22 โ€“ Cross-train

9:36ยญ โ€“ Stay in constant contact with your coach

11:32 โ€“Get a qualified coach

13:34 โ€“ Be completely honest with your coach

18:17 โ€“ Honor any pain

19:21 โ€“ Do all of the above

23:25 โ€“ Take away lesson

25:43 โ€“ Bonus tip!


ยท ย  ย  Foam rolling and conditioning work is a prerequisite before a run

ยท ย  ย  Cross-train with activities that build endurance and your aerobic base

ยท ย  ย  Get a qualified coach that is specialized in injury correction for runners

ยท ย  ย  Listen to your body. Every ache and niggle is feedback for something to be addressed in your conditioning work


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