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Today, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio chats with Little Billy about one of the most common problems runners face – knee pain after running. If you've just rolled in from a run, get yourself a glass of water, your foam roller, and listen up. Coach Jessica is going to tell you straight.Β 

Hey Coach, I have knee pain after running.Β 

Oh, Little Billy, so much to learn.Β 

The first thing you need to realize is that knee pain is not an injury. Your knees are fine. The pain has nothing to do with your knees.Β 

Takeaway lesson.Β 

Knee pain after running is the first red flag you'll ever get with running. Your first point of action should be to start foam rolling pre and post-run. If you're foam rolling and not feeling better afterward, contact us for an online consultation. They're complimentary. We can figure out exactly what's going on with your body, and we will teach you how to foam roll properly. If foam rolling doesn't solve your knee pain, it is a sign that you have a bigger problem at your hips.


01:18 – Intro

02:27 – Why you should avoid knee braces

5:08 – So what's the root cause? Let me guess, my hips?Β 

08:40 – So, Why do I only have knee pain after running?

10:50 – Am I dysfunctional?Β 

17:41 – But all the runners I know have some pain from running?

20:15 – How do I figure out what's going on?

21:50 – Takeaway lessonΒ 


– Β  Β  The root cause of your knee pain is hip dysfunction

– Β  Β  Start foam rolling pre and post-run to generate blood flow

– Β  Β  Avoid braces, bandages, and stability shoes

– Β  Β  Start introducing conditioning exercises for your hips


Get an Assessment With Jessica: RunPainFreeNow.Com/Free-Training

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