Welcome to the #RunPainFree podcast.

Today, Coach Jessica Marie Rose is talking about all things programming. She discusses: Why tailored programs are crucial, Why catch-all programs are a recipe for disaster, The dangers of hack coaches, amongst other topics.

Listen up, runners, Coach Jessica in fine form, telling it like it is

Long-distance isn't a walk in the park.

Long-distance running is demanding. Are you crazy enough to question that? Yeah, you are asking it, aren't you? Ok, get off your phone and knock out a marathon for us and get on with your day. Tell us how that goes.

You've got no chance in hell doing anything long distance if you haven't trained and conditioned your body for it. Oh, right. You are a born-again, born-to-run runner. Ok then. Lace up your cute little shoes, or go barefoot even. Make sure your color combination matches whatever season you are in, and you have your pre-prepared inspirational message for social media. 

Do you seriously think a couple of Instagram posts and Strava kudos points are going to protect you from injury? Please, just a little history lesson, the first marathon runner, that guy who ran from Marathon to Athens, Pheidippides, literally, and we mean literally, died. That's why the race ends at 26.2. 

Ok, you get the point on with the show.

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