In today's episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio talks you through what you need to know so you can get out running with your kids in the stroller.

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This topic comes from one of our team members who wanted to get Jessica's 411 on the subject.

We know many mommas and poppas are finding it hard to find time currently, so this one is for you! 

Should I run with a stroller? 

As always, there are a few things you will need to consider to stay injury-free.  

#1 thing to look for in a jogging stroller.

# RunPainFree's common sense PSA: if you are on cobblestone streets, on a jacked-up road, or going down a hill – use your gorilla grip on the stroller! 

Take away lesson

Running with a stroller is an exceptional tool for parents. You'll find you have more opportunities in the day to run, and your kids will love it. If you've been thinking about running with a stroller, make sure you run behind it with an open gate. Keep both hands on the stroller, but play with tapping it in front of you. Other than that, get out there and enjoy running with your kids!

Practical tips 

· Initially start slow, small, and close to home 

· In cool weather, pack something warm for yourself for the unplanned stops

· Don't forget to pack extra food for your kids


1:00 ­– Should you run with a stroller?

2:01 – What to look for in a running stroller

5:34 – Running one-handed 

7:25 ­ – Switching hands ­

9:29 – The role of proprioceptors

10:24 – Strength problems 

16:24 ­­– You still need to swing your arms


· Make sure you can open up your stride with your stroller

· Don't hold on with one hand

· Try out different stroller models and find one that works for you 

· Plan your routes to avoid traffic and uneven pavement. Parks are ideal. 


Resources & Programs To Run Injury-Free: 

Keep running and keep learning! 

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio

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