The mental health benefits of running are numerous, yet talking directly about depression is often pushed to the side in running circles.

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But that's not how #RunPainFree rolls. In today's episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio shines a spotlight on award-winning author Nita Sweeney.

She shares her intimate story on how depression affected her and how running brought her to a better place.

Nita's story is harrowing, authentic, relatable, and we hope everyone out there can glean a lesson or two from Nita's words of wisdom.Β 


01:00 – Intro and Lisa's biography

02:51 – Nita's running story

11:53 – Realizing it was more than negative self-talk

14:13 – Tools to discourage negative voices

17:09 – Depressed naps vs. runners' naps

22:53: Importance of having supporters

  • Running can be transformative for your mental health
  • Baby steps are all it takes to reap the benefits of running
  • Social support is hugely beneficial for running and mental health
  • Journaling positive affirmations can transform your self-talk

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Take care of yourself and keep running!

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