Welcome to the #RunPainFree podcast! In today's episode, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio debunks the rampant hogwash on familiar running form cues. Stay on your toes, they say, do the pose method says one camp, keep your elbows locked in says another. You've all heard it, yet you're all injured. So Coach Jessica sets the record straight before dropping the mic and walking off the podcast. Yes, this run form nonsense grinds her gears.

Thinking about how you run will not improve your running form. Your body is only going to move with its ability to do so.Β 

"The minute you think with your brain, that you can actually tell your body how to move, you already have an injury."

If you don't have a functional movement pattern, if you lack function somewhere and you're overcompensating somewhere else, you're going to have a problem. And your brain has nothing to say about it.

01:00 – Distance running is a sportΒ 
03:26 – Your back story matters
06:43 – Running is a basic human movement
08:43 – Don't overthink it, just run
15-22 – Is your Run Coach specialized in long-distance running?Β 
19:13 – The importance of entire foot function
28:59 – A note on 'over-striding.'

Β· Your body knows how to run, so don't get your mind involved
Β· Stability sneakers will wreck your run form by locking you up from your ankle to your hip
Β· Run coaches that get you to do speed works and butt kicks are trained in track and field, not long-distance running. Avoid them and find an actual long-distance run coach.

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